Student Life

Education is a comprehensive notion indicating not only the passage of knowledge or the presentation of a degree, but also the facilitation of individual growth and the exploration of true self. Holding this belief, TLC values the uniqueness and special talent of each student and is always in pursuance of enhancing students’ confidence and enriching their experience, along with the stimulation of creativity and originality. Every semester, students at TLC are actively and enthusiastically participating in a wide selection of activities including workshops, celebrations, services, performances, and competitions. Students could escape from their day-to-day studying and indulge in what they really enjoy and reach self-actualization from doing so. TLC is looking forward to seeing more students in this fantastic and versatile student life in the near future!

Academic activities

Both AES and PGS students would take part in academic field trips on various themes to deepen their understanding of knowledge, practice language skills, and explore local Canadian life and cultures in an interactive and mobilized manner. Likewise, the academic workshop is another way to supplement the daily in-class teaching. Students can gain more insights and hands-on experience on the subjects and topics they are interested in.

Festivals & Events

Meanwhile, TLC has many fun events and activities going on all-year-round.

Partnered with Trinity Western University, TLC celebrates festivals including Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas, Halloween, Chinese Lunar New Year, Easter, etc. in distinctive ways. Other events include Talent Show, Movie Night, Natural Walk, Hiking, Game Night, and many more. Exclusively for TLC students, the “Term-End Celebration” is held every semester to show appreciation for their hard work and encourage them to go further and beyond! Awards, certificates, and gifts will be given away to the students. Fine foods, excellent performances, laughter, and touching movements are all integrated to share and enjoy!

Celebrate with us and inspire a delightful heart and mind!

Incentive schemes

TLC is devoted to constantly motivating students to learn and make progress for excellency.  To achieve this goal, three incentive schemes are carried out at TLC to engage students in different proceedings, which are

  1. Academic Excellence Award. This Award is for students who achieve the most in academic studies.
  2. English-Speaking Award. TLC encourages students to use and practice English for different purposes. The English-Speaking Award is thereby created and promoted so that students are motivated to speak English in and out of class.
  3. Academic Progress Award. This Award is to honor students who make progress constantly and outgrow themselves during a semester. It is designed to encourage students with a weaker start to work hard and achieve.
  4. Active Participation Award: Apart from the academic-related awards, students who voluntarily contribute to class and community service will have the chance to win this Award.


TLC provides adequate support to the students in various aspects of academics and personal life. Students can sign up for a one-on-one tutorial with the Academic Coordinator to discuss their homework, projects, and any other questions on their learning. Other than that, TWU Wellness Centre offers free, private, professional counseling sessions to help students to enhance confidence and relieve stress.