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Trinity Language Centre


Statement of Purpose

Trinity Language Centre (TLC) offers university language preparation programs for students pursuing post-secondary education in Canada. By providing academic English classes to students from beginning to advanced levels, TLC aims to help learners to improve their academic English skills necessary for the undergraduate or graduate studies, equip them with the learning strategies essential in North American educational context, and cultivate the cultural sensitivity and critical thinking for them to succeed their journey of international education in Canada.

Language & Content Area Learning Combined

All courses teach academic English skills in a progressive approach within the context of content area.

Individualized Learning Assistance

A tutorial system (highlighting a daily Supervised Assignment Session) and individual coaching sign-up options bridge classroom teaching and after-class learning to provide students with individual academic assistance.

Caring & Supporting Learning Atmosphere

TLC follows Christian spirits and creates a caring, equitable, and inclusive atmosphere for teaching and learning.


TLC is an active supporting institution of British Columbia Teachers of English as an Additional Language (BC TEAL). Moreover, TLC has been granted the interim designation status by Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) in July, 2018.

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