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Statement of Purpose

Trinity Language Centre (TLC) offers university language preparation programs for students pursuing post-secondary education in Canada. By providing academic English classes to students from beginning to advanced levels, TLC aims to help learners to improve their academic English skills necessary for the undergraduate or graduate studies, equip them with the learning strategies essential in North American educational context, and cultivate the cultural sensitivity and critical thinking for them to succeed their journey of international education in Canada.

Language & Content Area Learning Combined

All courses teach academic English skills in a progressive approach within the context of content area.

Individualized Learning Assistance

A tutorial system (highlighting a daily Supervised Assignment Session) and individual coaching sign-up options bridge classroom teaching and after-class learning to provide students with individual academic assistance.

Caring & Supporting Learning Atmosphere

TLC follows Christian spirits and creates a caring, equitable, and inclusive atmosphere for teaching and learning.


TLC is an active supporting institution of British Columbia Teachers of English as an Additional Language (BC TEAL). Moreover, TLC has been granted the interim designation status by Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) in July, 2018.


Mingzheng Chen, China

“I was studying in TLC for one whole year, from AES-4 level to PGS-2, and have successfully got into the MBA program of TWU at the beginning of 2018.  The faculty at TLC are genuinely dedicated to teaching and academics, and meanwhile, they support each student with sincere care, love, and empathy. In addition to all these, TLC would hold various student events to engage the students in the Canadian life, which makes us feeling like home and never alone.”

Lichin Teong, Malaysia

“My decision to attend the PGS program at TLC is proven to be a great and wise one! The language and academic skills I acquired here have greatly enhanced my confidence using English and doing research at a graduate level. After studying here for a while, we all feel it’s like a loving family, and a home away from home on the other side of the globe! I highly recommend people eager to pursue higher education in the West Coast come to study at TLC to study, where the knowledge, language skills and experience will be immensely enriched!”

Zhaoju Cui, China

“TLC is an amazing place to start the learning journey in TWU. It is located around the centre of Richmond in Great Vancouver, so students could enjoy great convenience. All the instructors at TLC are passionate about teaching, and they always inspire us to learn English in an easy and fun way. It also offers one-on-one tutorials, which enables students to ask specific questions on different aspects in learning English. TLC definitely helped me a lot in adapting myself to the brand-new but exciting life in North America and efficiently improved my English skills in a comfortable vibe.”

Di Yang, China

“At TLC, we have awesome and knowledgeable teachers, we have super nice and professional staff, and more importantly, we have a group of peers, who are always willing to be the companion of each other! The AES program of TLC did equip me with sufficient language proficiency to succeed in the university. What’s more, what I have learned from the people here, namely their open-mindedness, their warm-heartedness, their sense of responsibility …, truly impressed and influenced me!”

Hoyen Hsieh, Taiwan, China

“I attended TLC in 2016, from AES-1. Throughout the two-year learning journey, I have got numerous chances to explore, to study and to use English language actively! Our teachers were always encouraging so that we never felt uncomfortable asking questions or holding different opinions! After class, we’d like to spend time together, studying, researching and of course, having a lot of fun! The atmosphere is so pleasant and cozy and makes studying an enjoyable thing!”

Pouneh Talebi, Iran

“TLC is a great place to study English with modern and innovative approaches. It is also one of the greatest places to become familiar with multiple cultures, especially the Canadian culture. Studying at TLC makes me feel comfortable and cheerful. My teacher is always patient and gives very detailed feedback on our writings, which helped us improve a lot within a short period! TLC is really good choice if you want to start your studying abroad in Canada!”

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